About Figma Tricks

Hey 👋 I'm Matt, a product designer based in New Zealand.

One afternoon I was explaining a quirk about Figma to someone and it occurred to me that in the years since Figma launched it has become quite a lot to explain. In the early days of the beta there were just a small set of design tools and layout options. Fast forward to today and there are so many things available I would personally struggle with finding a place to start.

Growing up I spent time making lots of bad websites for fun, constantly trying to pull off the weird or impossible and surfing hack-blog websites like CSS-Tricks to find all the best workarounds. Looking back, I'm really grateful for those resources and the people who made them — they gifted me a depth of understanding about web things that I may not have gained otherwise.

It feels like Figma has entered an era of complexity where that thing is needed now — and so here we are!

Figma already has a great community and learning site with an introduction to to the platform, guides on every feature plus lots of general design topics. But outside of Figma's own resources it seems like the internet is an ocean full to the brim with "Top 15 Figma tips and tricks" list articles pointing out the same array of core features like some kind of (very effective) marketing virus.

Instead, I want to share some of the less obvious stuff. I hope others can get some value from these things that I've learned over the years.