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Aspect Ratio Frames | Figma
A library of 33 precisely calculated aspect ratio frames for keeping elements the same proportions in your responsive design. 🖼️ Ready for images to be pasted in.📦 Wrap it in another auto layout frame and use absolute positioning to place elements on top.🎛️ Options to quickly rotate or change to…
Bulma UI Kit | Figma
Bulma UI Kit v1.0 A complete version of closely matching Bulma’s semantics and documentation — highly optimised for producing mockups + prototypes in Figma. Features ✅ All of Bulma (125 components and 4,887 variants)🎨 Theme completely customisable — configure your own brand colours & t…

Inspiration & other resources

Fixed aspect ratio in Figma Auto Layout | Figma
Keep the aspect ratio of frames or component instances while resizing them horizontally. Vertical resizing is available as well. This technique is perfect for card components, thumbnail images, video frames etc. 37 aspect ratios are currently available including 1:1, 5:4, 4:3, 3:2, 16:10, Golden…
Auto Layout Fixed Aspect Ratio | Figma
[Read Me]: You probably don’t need this file. There’s now a handy plugin called Ratios by @area17/@davidlamothe that creates the necessary layers to achieve this effect for custom ratios. You may still find this file useful to understand the mechanism for how this hack works. Also, the overlay fe…
Ratios | Figma
Create fixed aspect ratios with fixed positioned overlays. Ratios Enter any ratio above 1/2.2, meaning the height cannot be greater than 2.2 times the width. Ratios can be entered as 00:00 or 00/00. Overlays Add optional fixed positioned overlays on top of the fixed aspect ratio. Resizing Resi…

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Figma (@solo_cube) | Figma
The latest files and plugins from Vitalii (@solo_cube)
Figma (@chudoloo) | Figma
The latest files and plugins from Chudo Loo (@chudoloo) — 🇺🇸 + 🇯🇵 + 🇨🇳 (+ 🇧🇷)
Figma (@double_glitch) | Figma
The latest files and plugins from DoubleGlitch 🇺🇦 (@double_glitch) — I’m a product designer with the ultimate goal to inspire others to think out of the box by creating unusual stuff.